What age can my child attend Pre-School?

2 years 6 months is the youngest your child can start. We recommend you come and visit and send an application in when your child is around 18 months old to secure your place.

What is a typical day at your setting?

Morning sessions

9.00am Gates open
9.00am Free play


Good morning time

Morning activities inside and out

10.15 am Rolling snack begins
11.30am Tidy up time
11:45 am Phonics, singing or story
12.00 Morning session end / Home time
Afternoon Sessions
12.00 Good afternoon time & register
12.15pm Lunch time
1.00pm Story time / Question Time / Music / Relaxing
1.15pm Afternoon activities inside and out
2.20pm Tidy up time
2.30pm Carpet time, stories, singing, calming down activities


Gates open

Home time


Example of additional activities:

Monday Musical Minis – chargeable £4
Tuesday Little Wild Things (Forest School) – chargeable £9
Wednesday Healthy Eating (topic)
Thursday PE
Friday Yoga


*We try to rotate Healthy eating, yoga and PE every half term

How many children attend the Pre-School and what is the staff: child ratio?

We can have up to 13 children attend in one session. The ratio for children over 3 years old is 1 adult to 8 children and for 2-year-olds the ratio is 1 adult to 4 children.

When and what should my child be achieving?

Each child is unique and different, and all will learn at different paces. A good guide on early development is What to expect in early years, foundation stage: a guide for? parents https://foundationyears.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/What-to-expect-in-the-EYFS-complete-FINAL-16.09-compressed.pdf

What curriculum do you follow?

We use Development matters https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1007446/6.7534_DfE_Development_Matters_Report_and_illustrations_web__2_.pdf

Can I join the committee or attend the termly meetings?

Yes, we actively encourage parents to join the committee or come along to general meetings. The AGM is held every October.

Will coming to Pre-School help me get into Great Tew School?

Oxfordshire County Council manage the school application process centrally, we are unable to influence their decisions. OCC consider catchment, if there are siblings in the school already and the distance you live from the school.

When will my child start reception class?

Children transition into reception in the September after their 4th birthday.

When and how do I apply for my child to go to school?

Application usually open in early November and close mid-January.


How will my child settle into Pre-School?

We encourage children to come and look around at the initial setting visit. Once we receive an application, we will be in touch the term before to arrange a home visit and talk about their first session. The first session is very relaxed, and we can go through any outstanding paperwork with the manager/ key person. Parents can stay for an initial period ( usually 30 minutes) then depending on the child we may suggest leaving them for an hour to see how they get on or it maybe they stay for the whole session if they are happy to do so.? If they struggle or become upset the setting will call you.

Does my child have to be out of nappies?

No, we can change children at the setting, we just ask you supply nappies and wet wipes. We work with you and understand some children may take a little longer than others to use the toilet. When they are ready, we will take your lead and encourage them with using the potty or toilet whilst at Pre-School.?

How will I pay for the sessions?

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each term from the administrator stating the sessions for the term. Any vouchers or funding will be deducting accordingly. Fees can be paid all at once or spread out over the term.?


Costs and support

Are there fees for attending?

For children aged 2 the charge per session is £22 (increasing to £25 in January 2024)

For children over 3 the charge is £17 per session (increasing to £20 in January 2024), funded hours will be deducted when child is eligible for funding.

Fees are invoiced a month in advance.

Do you offer funded 2-, 3- and 4-year-old places?

We can offer 2-year-old funding if eligible and you have a two-year-old code (child needs to be over 2 and a half years old) Three- and four-year-olds are entitled to 15 hours free funded hours the term after their 3rd birthday.

When will my child be able to get the free 15hrs funding?

Your child can get the 15 hrs free funding the term after their 3rd birthday. The setting will give you all the information and form needed to claim.

Do you offer 30hrs?

Due to the size of the setting, we cannot accept the full 30hrs to be fully funded but we can offer a maximum of 18hrs to anyone eligible. We will also split the hours with another setting. Alternately you can have more sessions at the chargeable rate.



Can I see the latest Ofsted report?

Great Tew Preschool Ofsted Report

When was the last Ofsted Inspection?

Our last inspection was on the 29th?November 2021.

How often will Ofsted Visit?

Depending on the outcome will depend how regular Ofsted will come out. They aim to visit within 6 years of the date of the last inspection.

How can I contact Ofsted?

Email – Enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk ?

Telephone- 0300 123 4666